Waking Up in Gargon's Castle (The Education of the Princess Book 1) by Belle Jarre

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Belle Jarre
BJ Hardcore Erotica Press
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THE EDUCATION OF THE PRINCESS is the new extreme horror erotica series from author Belle Jarre. When the demon king captures Princess Prislee, she anticipates she’ll be rescued in short order, like she always is. The evil Gargon has different plans this time, and the princess will witness unspeakable acts and experience quite a few as well as he attempts to corrupt her very soul. Will this perfect princess become evil, just like Gargon?

In WAKING UP IN GARGON’S CASTLE, Prislee wakes up to a familiar situation. She’s been kidnapped by Gargon, the demon king. Something’s different this time, though. This time, he’s not waiting around for the hero to save her. This time, he’s decided to make Princess Prislee his plaything.

Warning: THE EDUCATION OF THE PRINCESS contains very explicit descriptions of very extreme rough sex, humiliation, bondage, first anal sex, torment, torture, demon sex, paranormal sex, disturbing bloody images, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this ebook.
Here is a preview:
Instead, Gargon entered the chamber and laughed evilly as she pretended to cower. It was an old story by now. He kidnapped her, Magnoron rescued her, and everyone got back to their lives. She played her part as she always did but when it got to the “Magnoron will be here and you’ll be sorry!” line, Gargon just laughed.
She’d expected the standard lines.
“He’ll never find you.”
“He’ll never make it.”
“My servants will stop him.”
“Your hero will die before he gets here.”
After all, they’d been in this situation dozens of times before and there were certain expected conventions to be followed. Instead, though, Gargon stepped closer and said, “Probably.” She looked at him in utter disbelief, wondering if he was finally giving up on the endless attempts to win the throne. He leaned in and said maliciously, “So I need to enjoy you while I can.” A terrible thrill and a shock of fear ran through her as he said it.
“What do you mean?” She asked, and she noticed a tremor in her voice. That was new. She’d never really been afraid, not since about the third or fourth kidnapping.
He’d smiled evilly again, and for the first time, he didn’t look comical, like some kind of a monster the minstrels and puppeteers would make fun of in the shows but instead just scary. She noticed for the first time just how terrifying he really was. His head, huge and reptilian, cocked to the side as he considered her, and his tongue suddenly shot out, pushing itself into her mouth from about three feet away. She choked as it forced itself between her lips and the shocking taste of old and rotten fish filled her senses as the tongue kept pushing.


Waking Up in Gargon's Castle (The Education of the Princess Book 1)

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